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Replacing cambelts on time can save you a great deal, if your cambelt breaks while driving, it can cause major damage to your engine valves and pistons, and the bill to rebuild your engine will be very costly to repair. Call one of our experienced mechanics to assess whether your cambelt needs replacing today! 0800 48 55 48.

AVERAGE COST for cambelt replacements are $750, depending on the engine, make and model of the vehicle. 

When to replace my Cambelt/Timing Belt
  • Most cambelts are due by mileage, every 100 000kms or every 5 years
  • Some European and Japanese models vary between 60 000kms to 150 000kms for the Vauxhall/Holden Diesel Hiace
  • You might hear noise coming from the fromt of the engine
  • It is best replace the cambelt when purchasing a used vehicle as there is usually no history on when it had last been changed.
  • One of our experienced mechanics can assess your cambelt and give you an indication on how much longer you could drive with your existing one or whether it needs to be replaced. 
Limited time offer. Mention this ad when booking your cambelt replacement service and receive FREE Oil and Oil Filter valued at $120. 
Benefits of replacing Cambelt/Timing Belt
Peace of mind
Reduce rick of snapped cambelt
Extend life of engine
12 month warranty on parts & labour
Road Test you car after replacement
What happens if my
Cambelt/Timing Belt breaks? 
There are two types of engines, an Interference and Non-Interference engines. With an Interference engine, if the belts break while driving, there may be great damage to the engine and with a non-interference engine, it will stall and the damage may be limited. 
Getting your cambelt changed on time can save you lots of many and give you peace of mind that won't have your car breakdown because of a broken cambelt. 
Should I replace other hardware along the Cambelt/Timing Belt?
While it may not be neccessary, it is recommended as there is very little extra labour costs involved in replacing the water pump, timing belt tensioner and other hardware along the cambelt.
Call us to discuss the exrta costs for parts and labour now!
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